HITACHI WINDOW 1.5T A/C -PCB replaced every year

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I purchased on 3/9/11, a 1.5 T window ac. On 15/9/12, just 12 days after expiry of 1 year warranty, the PCB broke down and had to be replaced at appx. cost of Rs. 3000/-. On 5/7/13, barely 10 months after getting it replaced, it has again broken down for which I have already registered a complaint.


Aman Kohli


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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India #1213980

Yes, buying Hitachi AC has been costly and pain for me too ;(

bought 1..5T AC at 27,000 and PCB has been repaired once, and replaced 2nd time at Rs.2500.Pathetic customer service.Service engineers don't give correct feedback.

They wanted to change display unit too on the premise that he might be faulty(even before checking!) .

I insisted to check, and it was working perfectly.Their idea was to do billing of Rs.4000 .Warranty for branded new spare parts is 1month!


Poor quality of PCB in Hitachi and service is also very slow and parts are not available.

New Delhi, Delhi, India #864013

Poor quality windows ac from hitachi

New problem every month after warranty period expired.

Ac fan motor


Remote function

Everything is defective. Never going to buy any hitachi product.

to amit #998392

Correct,Hitachi AC are only used as icons but when it comes to replacement,they overcharged.whether it is PCB,motor,gas refuelling.

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Hitachi refuses to honor warranty.

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My Hitachi 42" TV went out during the warranty period.It has been in the shop for more than two months and their customer service has only given lip service to getting it fixed.

They say that they are unable to get the part and refuse to replace the TV even though I bought the extended warranty. The customer service personnel have become rude and tell me to "just wait until we get ready".

I have been in contact with Hitachi customer service weekly and have asked for supervisors but nothing geets done.I think they are trying to wait out the original warranty.

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This is the same thing that happened to me. I will not buy Hitachi again!


I too had similar experience . The PCB went bust after 6 months , the machine was under warranty.They took 2 months to replace the PCB.I have escalated to the top most management guy.They simply ignored my mails.Only after the replacement I got a reply.They gave a explanation, that the part was not available.After they have sold the equipment , it's the headache of the customer.I have been calling up Hitachi for last three day's for AMC , no response .If this is way they take customer's AMC request , you can very well understand how they will service the contract.Don't buy a Hitachi AC , it will become a white elephant very soon .

Lastly you will a line 34 Quality tests , I don't know even after so many QA test , how the equipments keep failing.The Other brands are far far better.Surprisingly they don't even care of Consumer Court.

Hitachi Air Conditioners - No Service

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Bought an Air Conditioner from Hitachi.Packed up within an year.

Have booked a complaint since the last three months. I am even willing to pay for the service but no one shows up even though their Service Center is less than two miles away. Their Toll Free Number does not work and you phone them on a regular number and they make you hold the line for an hour while your meter is running before they come on line. Please do not even think of buying a HITACHI product and if you are thinking of buying it my experience should change your mind.

You are going to suffer just like I am.

They will sell you a lemon and charge you more than the market rate for it.I repent the day when I chose a Hitachi Product.

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Hitachi 55HDS69 Plasma TV

Pearisburg, Virginia 4 comments
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I purchased this Hitachi 55HDS69 Plasma TV and extended 3 year warranty on 12/31/2006.It worked fine until 2/3/2010 when the video died.

The audio works fine. The TV was put in a repair shop on 2/4/2010 and they have informed me that they need a pair of boards (TS06623 & TS06624) to get the set going again. The TS06623 is not available and is on back order with no anticipated delivery date. Three months have gone by and I have talked with Hitachi numerous times and still have no idea when parts might be available.

In their last call they have agreed to provide the parts for free but have no idea when they might be available.

One of the parts distributors for the TV repair shop has said that these parts have been on backorder since before Halloween 2009.

How can a company do business in this manner and expect to survive?

We have been without our primary TV for two months and at the present time we are wondering if the set will ever be repaired.Basically, if we want to have a TV in our family room we will probably have to purchase a replacement for this 3 year old Hitachi TV

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Just an update, the Hitachi 55HDS69 Plasma TV is still in the shop as of 6/10/2010 and is still not working.


After reading the above comment I find it kind of funny that Mr."M" claims that the technology is obsolete, that is totaly ignorance or lack of knowledge.

If we were talking about the TV that was manufacturer 15 or 12 years ago, I may have agreed, but a TV that perhaps manufacturer in 2006, parts should be availiable for a long period of time.

I find the defending allegations, totaly out of the ordinay and baseless.

There is no excuse for Hitachi regarless if they make the parts or not, not to have enough inventory from its vendors.Potential litigation case in the air.


I am a repair shop in the east been batteling with hitachi over parts for a 55 plasma hitachi told me not to expect the back order to ever come in.


they are trying to help and even give you the parts free of charge when your unit is clearly out of warranty.Hitachi could have easily given you the finger and said get lost but instead the want to help you out.

It is not their fualt that the part (which they dont make) is backordered. So for them going the extra mile you get on a site and complain.

Yes I am sorry that your part is backordered and i would be frustrated too, but are we not wanting companies to go the extra mile for its customers.Instead of compalining how about applauding hitachi and realize that youhave a technology that is obsolete and as such will be very difficult to service.

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Hitachi Hard Drives

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My new Hitachi Hard drive worked for just over 1 year.When it failed I returned it and received a replacement.

The replacement was defective. Hitachi has no evening or weekend phone support, so I communicated via e-mail, which was not responded to until the Monday following my discovery of the bad drive on Friday evening. Hitachi has refused to accept responsibility for their error and immediately replace the drive.

Instead they told me I had to submit another RMA request and return the defective drive that they sent me at my own expense and then wait for a replacement.Not only have Hitachi's drives proven unreliable, but they have provided very poor support.

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Hitachi - hard drive nightmare

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Recently bought a new HITACHI HD for my laptop from a Vancouver, BC retailer, who upon hearing of my difficult installation blamed me, my computer, the way I installed it, everything under the sun rather than accept responsibility for what they had sold to me, which was a brand new faulty hard drive before refering me to a series of Hitachi numbers that don't work, people in wrong divisions, executives who lie about their names and reps who don't call you back. If you are ever tempted by a Hitachi HD or for that fact, any other HITACHI product - DON'T BUY IT!!

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Hitachi P50H401 Plasma

Austin, Texas 2 comments
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Do not buy this TV.It looks like a good deal but it broke after only 4 months.

Hitachi's customer service is horrible. They referred me to Best Buy repair service. A repairman has been to my house 3 times and replaced 4 parts. Hitachi still refuses to replace it.

They want to continue wasting my time sending over more parts. The next part is on back order. Fact I have missed 3 days of work for this and been without my new plasma for 2 months.

I will never buy another product from Hitachi and recommend you do the same.

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This is a follow up on my dealings with Hitachi Customer Service and Customer Relations. Actually Customer Relations has never contacted me regarding my issues.

The repair organizaion finally got the board to fix my tv. Now they say they need another board to fix it. This is after he had contacted Hitachi's Tech support line. The cost is now very near what I paid for the unit. I have emailed Customer Service again and demanded that they honor their warantee even though I was just 5 days over the one year warrantee period.

I carbon copied as many entities within the Hitachi North American organizaiton as I could.

We will see what happens.


I also purchased this TV and it broke almost one year to the date that I bought it. Unfortunately the warranty did not cover it.

I should have know there was a problem when I could not get any responses from the Service Center that was listed on their website.

I finally found one to fix the TV but they charged me $100 just to come pick it up. That was almost three months ago. I called the service provider and he said that the boards were on back order from Hitachi. He has received two of the three boards back on July 23, 2008 but still has not received the last board.

I tried commicating with Hitachi Customer Service via the email provided on their website on September 17, 2008. No response for a week. I contacted Hitachi Customer Service directly and told them that I wanted communications via email so that I had written confirmation of my dealings with them. This was on September 24, 2008. Customer Service said that they had not received my first email and that it probably got "swallowed up in the web". They informed me that they were forwarding my email to Customer Relations (and the difference is what?) and that they could not communicate with me via email but needed to talk to me directly. I responded to this email letting them know that it did not take direct telephone communications to let me know that they were getting the board that the service provider needed to finish the job. Funny thing is that the response that I got from this started out with "Thank you for visiting the Hitachi website and for your inquiry". I informed them once again that they were confirming why I wanted communications via email. That email came to me on September 24, 2008. So far I have heard nothing from Hitachi Customer Relations.

I am in the process of searching out other people within Hitachi that I can send an email to to see if I can get some satisfaction and at least get the one remaining board to fix my TV.

Hitachi - Hatachi LC 42" tvs

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After purchasing a LC set from HH Gregg, the installers delivered the set. Upon entering our home, they dented the door moulding going into our den.

The installation was fast & furious. "In and out" ASAP. We had to learn the operation on our own.

Now the remote with the volume wheel & channel wheel works infrequently. This is the second remote from Hatachi. Of the 3 other tvs that we now own, this is the absolute worst purchase that we have made. The remote is terrible. Do not buy a Hatachi set of any kind.

Now we have "hot spots" on the screen. From yellow circles to bright blue circles. We call HH Gregg and immediately get an 800 number to call. Don't even go there.

I will not purchase any item of any kind that HH Gregg or Hatachi sells.

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